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Luxe & Little Luxury Candles are proudly Made in Canada.
With signature unique formulations and scents, you will find only at Luxe & Little. Our candles will neutralize odours in any room. The enzymes in our Soy candles will remove and not mask the smell of smoke, pet odours and the pungent smell of pot.

Our luxury candles are beautifully scented and blended with unique enzymes that work hard to remove the smell harsh lingering smoke including pot from flower.

Each blend carries a unique Top Note, a distinctive Heart Note, and sensuous Heart Note that enhances the scent of our 3 candles

Bubba and Daisy, Jive and Original Scent.

Our vibrant candles contain no fillers or chemical additives. 100% Soy, 100% Organic, 100% rich essential oils.

Turn any room into a retreat as you light any of our candles during the day or night and relax in ultimate luxury. You are sure to experience a fresh smelling home, free of any trace of your adult-use indulgences.

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