I live outside of Canada, can I order a candle?

Absolutely! We ship our candles worldwide.

Does it work? Yes

Yes. The company manufacturers 3 different scents and they all work. Bubba & Daisy is our most popular scent. Demonstrated in group trials and tested by individual smokers, it rated highest for clearing the air of the cannabis smell after smoking. It neutralizes the air and does not mask the smell like an air freshener would. It’s an odour eater for marijuana smoke.

What is an odour smasher?

Our candles knock out the smell of smoke from cigarettes, cigars, vapes and joints.

How long does your candle burn for?

Depends on the size. A small candle is most effective in a room up to 200 square ft and will burn for 12 hours. A medium candle will burn for approximately the same time in a room of up to 500 square ft. The large size candle is great for kitchens and living / dining room combinations and will burn for up to 20 hours effectively in a room up to 1000 square feet.

How long before I light a joint should I light the candle?

15 minutes. You want the candle to form a melting ring around the top and for the scent to start to be smelled in the air.

How long should I leave it burning, after smoking weed?

For as long as you feel it necessary. The odour tends to be gone within an hour of smoking. However, depending on your size room and ventilation, it may take more time or less time. Extinguish the candle when the weed smell is gone.

What if my home already smells of weed, would the candle clear it?

In our trial tests, we saw great results of the air becoming much more fresh than before. Participants burned candles on a continuous basis for a few days and experienced good results.

Can I get rid of the smell from my couch as well?

Not likely.

Can I get rid of the smell from my clothes?

In our trial tests, some participants reported that they did not smell the smoke in their clothes “as much” after smoking.

What’s in the candle?

Natural Soy wax and essential oils, plus a formulation consisting of baking soda, colloidal silver and proprietary enzymes.

Do you guarantee your product?

Absolutely!. We guarantee any of our candles will remove the stinky smell of marijuana from your room.
Your role is to ensure you use the right size candle in the right size room. A small candle for example will not be as effective in a very large room.