Odour Neutralizer – How to get rid of Cannabis smoke from your home

Living in a current worldwide coronavirus pandemic is tough for all of us. Everyone is trying to figure out staying calm in the midst of chaos. Those who smoke medical marijuana are able to continue smoking by ordering their medicine online. Those who smoke cannabis for the heck of it or simply participate in the recreational or adult use of marijuana are also able to order online and continue smoking.

What do homes smell like with all the indoor consumption of cannabis, now that we’re all told to stay home? One of our connections confirmed that her building smells like a grow-op and some people who don’t smoke cannabis have complained to management of feeling high.

People have no choice but to smoke their cannabis indoors. A few maybe, can go outside to a balcony, a garage or a porch, a backyard, depending on what part of the country you live. Opening of windows, where possible, and using air fresheners are most common. However, now there’s a new kid in town with a new solution.

A Canadian company, based in Mississauga, Ontario -a small city outside of Toronto has come up with an ingenious odour eliminator for cannabis smoke and cannabis smokers. Luxe & Little just launched a new odour eliminating candle that neutralizes and removes the stinky and powerful smell of marijuana from a room after blazing a joint.

It works, according to management at Luxe & Little who confirmed they did many tests and trials with stoners, providing them with the most dank weed to try. They all reported back that the smell was gone about an hour later.

You have to follow the instructions from the company about how long prior to lighting a blunt and how long to leave it burning after you’re done. Also, you have to use the right size candle for the right size room.

Luxe Small Open

An odour cannabis neutralizing candle may just be the one must have item during this global pandemic; and the one item that will keep you connected with your neighbour, without them knowing or thinking that you’re a stoner, if you don’t want them to know.

Whatever the reason for getting the smell of cannabis out of your home try one of the three scents made by the company, including Bubba and Daisy, Jive and Original scent.

The luxury is in the product and the process and not in the packaging. The people make it a craftsman product and they’ve formulated the right process that makes the candle work. To get the stink out of your home, you may want to give them a try. A candle from Luxe & Little maybe the right solution for you.

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